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Introducing the SANDBONI KIART 7.5...

The SANDBONI KIART is a completely battery operated Kiosk/Cart.  The canopy tops provide almost 100 square feet of shaded area, while allowing the KIART to be completely closed and locked when not in use.  The KIARTs have both battery and shore power capabilities to power your appliances.  As with all of the SANDBONI's, the KIART is remote control driven from location to location at your venue.


Length - 7 feet

Height - 7.5 feet

Width - 41 inches

Appliance Area -  42 inches 

ICON_Park_Shaved_Ice_Cart_Wrapped_ Transparent.png

KIART Model 7.5

* Five (5) gallon fresh water tank
* Ten (10) gallon waste water tank
* Hot-water capabilities
* Hand-washing sink
* Three (3) basin sink
* On-board battery charger
Shaved Ice Cart with Beverage Trailer.jpg

The SANDBONI Cart and Trailer Model...

Add a Trailer to your SANDBONI Cart.  The trailer can be customized to your products/needs.  We can add Beverage Dispensing Systems, a "Toppings Bar", and many other options for your product and venue needs.

Blue Polka Dot Shaved Ice Cart with Dime

The SANDBONITM  Shaved Ice cart serves over 2,000 servings on a single battery charge.

  • Insulated cooler can hold up to 200 pounds of ice

  • 15 gallons of syrup bottles for flavoring. 

  • Built in cup dispenser (150 Cups)

  • Handwashing sink

  • POS Integration

The SANDBONITM Draft Beer/Beverage Cart allows you to bring that favorite draft beer and beverages to your customers.  

  • 36 degrees for 24 hours on single-battery charge

  • 1/2 Barrel Kegerator or 154 Can Refrigerator

  • Built in cup dispenser (150 Cups)

  • Handwashing Sink

  • POS Integration

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